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For every item on this web page we can offer 2 or more photos, so the customer can see as accurate as possible how the item looks like, descriptions and quality marks. If you need any additional informations about the item feel free to contact us and we will send them.

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If you selected an item form the old postcards and collectors items category we have to emphasize that those are unique items, you can buy only one.

In the category postcard scans and additional equipment you can choose more specimens of the same item.

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Guarantee of origin and originality, return of the item


All items that you can buy in the category old postcards and collectors items are original and authentic old items. Web page Old postcards can also guarantee the origin and originality of the items by written confirmation.

If you think that the item you have bought does not look like the photo or description of the item you can return the item in 14 days from receiving the item.

In return we will send you another item or your money in the value of the item bought (the price of the delivery we are not able to return)